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Efficiency and Environment Impact

Cardano is considered the third generation in blockchain technology. Not only Cardano’s technology is the closest to solving the trilemma problem, it is doing so in an efficient way, i.e. a low energy consumption, by applying the Proof of Stake concept. Additionally, there is no locking period, which means ADA can always be spent/staked with no restrictions.

Transaction fees

The main objective of a cryptocurrency is to be a medium of value exchange between parties. Unfortunately, many mainstream blockchains fail to keep transaction fees/gas fees feasible for users to feel comfortable using the network. Transaction fees on Cardano can be changed/lowered as ADA value increases. This can be done through decentralized voting within the network. Furthermore, with enough adaptation, fees can be paid with other native tokens as well (referred to as Babel fees).

gas fees-min_edited.png

Armed with the innovative eUTxO model, Cardano is able to take advantage of the robustness of Bitcoin’s infrastructure and adds to it the ability to pair parameters with transactions. This eliminates the probabilistic nature found in Account-Based blockchains. Another great aspect that is not found in many blockchains is the “native assets concept”. All assets in Cardano, i.e. NFTs and tokens are native to the blockchain and require no additional layering/contracts to exist, making it a natural option to be the host of any NFT or DeFi project.

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